A Brain-Injured Bike Rider Describes the Recovery Process

Reporter and news anchor Mary Blake fell from her bicycle during her vacation last summer. She suffered a traumatic brain injury. In an ongoing series, she discusses her condition, her recovery, and other issues related to her brain injury.

Ms. Blake reports that she remembers nothing about the fall or the eight days she spent in the hospital following the fall. She has since been told that she was transported by helicopter to a hospital in Boston. There, the hospital staff determined that she had broken several bones, including her skull. She was evaluated to determine if pressure was developing inside her skull. Any swelling could cause life-threatening pressure on her brain. Ms. Blake was given medication to prevent the swelling inside her skull. She was placed in an induced coma for four days and monitored.

Once her condition stabilized, she had to undergo intense physical therapy. For three hours a day, five days a week, Ms. Blake underwent physical, occupational, and speech therapy at a rehabilitation clinic. Her case manager gave her a battery of performance tests, covering attention, memory, executive skills, planning, and organization. Then her team developed goals for their patient, and utilized systems and strategies to help Ms. Blake achieve those goals. Every 30 days, the goals were assessed and updated.

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