A Little Prep Time May Prevent Your Accident Before It Happens

If you are ever stranded along a road, being prepared can help keep you safe until emergency assistance can arrive. Too many unnecessary traffic accidents happen when stranded motorists along roadways are hit by moving vehicles. Being prepared can help make you and your stopped car visible to oncoming vehicles

A few safety tips and a little preparation could prevent your Virginia car accident injuries

  • Have a tune-up. Have a mechanic look at belts, tubes, hoses, fluid levels, and heater to ensure that your vehicle is in proper working order. If a mechanic can identify any potential problems and correct them, you are more likely to have a safe, accident-free trip.
  • Check your tires. Making sure your tires are well maintained, and the proper model for the weather can help you maintain control of your vehicle while driving. “All weather” or snow tires can give your vehicle better traction on slippery roads. Low tire pressure can cause a tire “blowout.”
  • Check your windshield wipers and fluid. Dirt, grime, mud, ice, or debris can limit your visibility. This can make it extremely difficult to see what is happening around your car, and can be a contributing factor in car accidents.
  • Have an emergency roadside kit available. Being prepared for an emergency can literally be a lifesaver if you are ever in an emergency. Include working jumper cables, a flashlight, batteries, an extra cell phone, emergency flares or reflectors, a first-aid kit, and non-perishable food with bottled water.

Taking the extra time to make sure your vehicle is in proper working order, and that you have emergency equipment available may prevent a possible car accident in Virginia from ever happening to you.

But, if you have been injured in a car accident, you may have suffered more than just the physical injuries you sustained. Your legal rights may have been violated as well. Our skilled car accident attorneys at Lewis & Tompkins have experience fighting for justice for those injured in traffic accidents throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., and may be able to help you, too. Contact our Virginia law offices today to schedule your free appointment to discuss your case. You can also download a free iPhone app for your phone to help make recording the details of your auto accident a little easier and stress-free.