Annapolis Cycling Fatality: Area High School Coach Killed on Bike

Every year approximately one half million bicycle accidents occur throughout the country. Montgomery County averages about 115 of these crashes annually. Recent news has made headlines of yet another Maryland bike accident fatality; this time in Ann Arundel County.

On August 21, Annapolis High School track coach, and well-known area cyclist, Trish Cunningham, was struck and killed from behind while out for an evening ride on Riva Road. The road apparently is well known as a popular path chosen by cyclist.

The driver of the Honda van responsible was Whitney Anne Decesaris, of Huntington, MD. According to police, preliminary conclusions are that alcohol and speed were not factors in the crash, but that an ongoing investigation continues to determine the exact cause.

County Deputy State’s Attorney William Roessler said that he will weigh any charges against Decesaris once the final police report has been submitted.

Cunnngham and her family members are all well known in the county’s athletic community as runners and triathlon participants. According to Annapolis Triathlon Club president Ron Bowman, the death of Cunningham has been devastating to the entire Annapolis triathlon and cycling communities.

This recent Anne Arundel County bicycling accident marks the second cyclist fatality this summer for the county. Thomas Heslin, a teacher at Severn School, was killed on July17 in a collision with a dump truck.

Alex Pine, a local Annapolis bike racer, stated plainly how both motorists and cyclists would continue to share the same roads in the future. However, “we all need to get along. Yes, the roads are narrow. Yes, all types of vehicles have the right to use our roads. And yes, it is frustrating to have to go slowly until it is safe to pass. But frustration and impatience can lead to snap decisions that forever change multiple people’s lives.”

The compassionate law team at Lewis & Tompkins sends its deepest condolences to the family, friends, and school community of Ms. Cunningham.

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