Attention Taxi Drivers Who Live in Maryland

The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled in Nasseri v. Geico that Taxi-Cab drivers are eligible for Maryland PIP on their own vehicles when involved in an automobile accident. In Nasseri, the plaintiff taxicab driver collided with another vehicle in Montgomery County. In Maryland taxicabs are not required to maintain the minimum PIP coverage on cabs. In the District Of Columbia, PIP coverages are not offered to taxicab drivers. The Court ruled that GEICO’s policy exclusion was not permitted by Section 19-505 of the Insurance article of the Maryland Code and thus was invalid and unenforceable. What you need to know: 1) If you are a taxicab driver and you live in Maryland, and 2) you are involved in an automobile collision in Maryland, the District of Columbia or Virginia, and 3) you own a vehicle that has insurance, or 4) you do not own a vehicle but live with a relative that owns a vehicle that has an insurance, then You are eligible for PIP coverages for injuries sustained in the accident. PIP will pay 85% of your lost wages and all of your medical bills up to the policy limit. The minimal policy limit for Maryland PIP is $2,500.00.

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