Bethesda Bike Accident Lawyers Take a Look at Trends in Bicyclist Injuries and Fatalities

Sharing the road with other cars is stressful, even when you are in your own car. You have to trust each driver to make smart, responsible decisions that keep you and the other drivers around you safe.

As a bicyclist, you are even more dependent on each driver to be responsible, vigilant, and careful. Even a light tap—one that wouldn’t even scratch another car—could knock a cyclist off of their bike. Being unseated in the middle of a busy road can mean anything from a head injury to being hit by another car, which is why as drivers it is our responsibility to be mindful of who is sharing the road with us.

As more people take to the streets on bicycles to commute or get around, the trend in Washington, DC biking accidents—as well as across the nation—is on the rise. The good news is, however, that biking deaths are significantly down from 1975, about 33%.

Perhaps the most heartening news is that bicycle deaths for cyclists under the age of 20 have seen a nearly 90% decrease in fatalities—possibly thanks to the helmet laws for younger riders. Helmets remain one of the primary contributors to a decline in biking fatalities; head injuries are the leading cause in bicycle deaths, and of all fatally injured cyclists, only 15% were wearing bicycle helmets.

As summer nears, another trend is worth noting—seasonal biking fatalities. The warmer months of June, July, August, and September see a significant increase in biking deaths. The evening hours of 6 pm to 9pm, when visibility is particularly tricky, also see a higher percentage of accidents. The Maryland bicycle accident attorneys at Lewis & Tompkins want to remind you that when you are cruising around the District this summer, keep your eyes open, and be mindful of all vehicles on the road, regardless of size.

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