Bethesda Medical Malpractice Lawyers Take a Look at Medical Malpractice Reform

One of the primary focuses in the last presidential campaign—not to mention a primary focus for the past few years—is the cost of medical care. While the cost of medical care has seen a modest decrease recently, there is a limit to how far it can fall.

Washington, DC medical malpractice cases—not to mention cases throughout the country—have kept doctors busy for some time. Advocates for physicians say that doctors are bullied by other malpractice cases to practice what the industry refers to as “customary practice,” or how most cases determine if a doctor acted outside of standard procedure. Ordering a bevy of tests and scans as a defensive measure can drive patient costs up, and only serve to protect the physician should a malpractice case arise later.

The problem with this environment is that it takes the attention away from the individual patient, and lumps illnesses and ailments into broad, cookie-cutter solutions in order to avoid deviation from standard practice. Not only does this prevent patients from getting the personalized care that they deserve, but it can also cause even more medical problems for them further down the road.

The answer that many lawmakers want is to limit liability in cases where the physician or facility is found to be at-fault. While this has the possibility to allow doctors to pursue the best possible treatments for their patients, it could also backfire in cases where the doctor was truly negligent and reckless.

While the debate is unlikely to reach a conclusion any time soon (if at all), the Maryland medical malpractice attorneys at Lewis & Tompkins continue to fight passionately for a patient’s right to the highest level of customizable care. If you or a loved one has been injured because of a doctor’s negligence, call Lewis & Tompkins today at 202.296.0666 for a free consultation.