Business Editor Of Baltimore Sun Killed In UPS Truck Accident

Reports from rural Baltimore County say that 48-year-old Tim Wheatley, the business editor of The Baltimore Sun was killed in a UPS truck accident while his 9-year-old daughter was seriously injured in the Maryland truck accident.

Wheatley was taking a left turn at an intersection in Dover, Maryland, on Monday morning when his car collided with the truck. The intersection’s light was working at the time of the accident and it is unclear who had the right of way or if either vehicle ran a red light. The car was t-boned by the UPS truck, which struck the driver’s side of Wheatley’s car. His daughter was in the front passenger’s seat.

Wheatley was declared dead at the scene of the Maryland truck accident while EMS workers rushed his daughter to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. It is not known whether the UPS driver was injured in the truck accident.