Cameras Catch 8,800 Speeding Maryland Residents In 6 Weeks

Speeding is a major cause of car accidents in Maryland – and also the leading cause of road construction workers. In an attempt to curb the number of road construction accidents and car accident injuries, Maryland instituted a camera-based speed enforcement initiative in November. Six weeks later, Maryland Police announced that they had issued 8,800 speeding tickets for $40.

The cameras were installed onto Jeeps that patrolled areas with road work, including the Intersection of I-95 and I-895, Interstate 95 in Prince George’s County, and the Charles Street Exit of the Beltway near Baltimore. Drivers were warned of the speed enforcement zones with signs alerting them to the cameras in the area.

The Maryland Highway Association hopes that the camera speeding enforcement will help MD drivers chance their speeding habits and help keep work zones safer. The cameras cited any driver going over 12 miles above the posted speed limit.