Catch Your Own Criminal: A New Trend in D.C. Cycling Accidents?

Have you ever been involved in, or witnessed, a car accident? Chances are, you probably have. Most car accidents are fairly simple, with insured drivers and minimal damage and injuries. These accidents are, at least in the legal sense, fairly easy to deal with. Information is taken down, and the case moves forward.

Washington, D.C. bicycle accidents are rarely as clean-cut as a simple fender-bender. Typically, injuries are present in at least one party, and they are often serious. In many cases, a driver who has hit a cyclist may take off, since damage to their car is minimal, and she may panic. In these cases, it can be very difficult to track down the guilty party.

Cyclists around the country are not taking this obstacle lightly—injuries sustained in a car/bike crash can be serious, and without the guilty party’s insurance coverage, victims are held responsible for their own medical bills. Some are taking matters into their own hands, and the results have been shockingly successful.

Last year, the New York Times profiled a local cyclist, Evan Wilder, who was involved in a hit-and-run District biking accident. Neither Wilder nor the witnessing driver saw the offender’s license plate, but someone—or rather something—did.

Wilder had a small camera strapped to his head, and after the accident, was able to replay the recording and discover the suspect’s license plate number. While cyclists in various cities have only just started using these cameras, they remain a promising star witness in the accidents in which they are involved. Small, portable cameras, as technology improves, are becoming more economical, and retailers cite that sales to cyclists have nearly doubled in the last year.

Cameras may be helpful, but they are far from your last line of defense. Whether or not you had a camera strapped to you when you were injured, the Bethesda and D.C. area bicycle accident injury lawyers of Lewis and Tompkins are standing by to help you recover the damages that you deserve. If you were hurt, call today for a free consultation at 202.296.0666.