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Are you a  parent with a busy work schedule? Have you been putting your child into a daycare to provide them with a safe, nurturing environment while you make ends meet? If you are shopping around for a good daycare, or want to reevaluate your current one, there is some information you should be armed with.

We know children get hurt – it’s just something that is going to happen. They’re exploring, pushing their boundaries, getting used to their bodies. There will be stumbles and bumps and scrapes – and, of course, there will be crying. When an accident is more than just a boo-boo, it is normal to start wondering if you made the right choice. Much of protecting your child at daycare comes from your first choice of where to send them.

Before committing to a location, you should visit the center on multiple occasions both on tours and while there are children present. You want to see firsthand how the daycare runs. While you’re there, keep an eye out for industry credentials, get in touch with the other parents for their opinions. When you get back home, seek out third-party references.


According to, the car insurance comparison-shopping website, in the analysis of insurance claim and traffic violation data from 331 car models and more than 323,00 customers, the following is a list of vehicles that were ticketed most often, and also filed an above average count of insurance claims.  Last year’s car with the most tickets was the Subaru WRX.  It was driving by mostly 20 year old men, it fell to number 12 on this year’s list.

A survey of which car makes and models received the highest and lowest number of traffic tickets over the past two years found those behind the wheels of the Lexus ES 300, Nissan 350Z and Dodge Charger SE/SXT were ticketed most often, and also filing an above-average count of insurance claims.  From the list you can see that luxury cars received the lowest number of traffic tickets over the past two years.

Legal Assistant – Paralegal – Legal Secretary

Lewis & Tompkins PC, a 10 rated AVVO™ personal injury law firm located Bethesda, Maryland, seeks a full time paralegal for an immediate opening. The firm is looking for a candidate committed to client service in a very high tempo firm setting. Candidates should have at least two years of experience in a law firm setting, preferably in a personal injury, worker’s compensation or consumer class action firm. Salary will be competitive based upon each applicants experience. Firm benefits include a health plan, 401(k) plan and some opportunity to telecommute.

Please submit your resume and a letter indicating your interest to We will try to respond to all inquiries.

A recent case of road rage in a Montgomery County parking lot nearly killed two individuals on November 14, when one man chased them down outside a Bethesda mall.

The incident involved David Goldberg, 24, driving his Mitsubishi sports car, and four passengers riding inside another vehicle. The initial confrontation began when Mr. Goldberg, traveling with his 2-year-old daughter, failed to completely stop at a four-way stop sign outside of the mall. In response, the driver of another vehicle at the intersection honked at Goldberg. According to police accounts, Mr. Goldberg then screamed at the other driver, using fowl language in the process.

After this happened, the two cars continued through the parking lot to the next stop sign. Here, the unnamed male passenger in the second vehicle got out of the car to approach Mr. Goldberg’s Mitsubishi, while the other three passengers in the car continued on to find a parking spot, where they then exited to head into the mall.

At this point, Goldberg drove through the parking lot before returning to the scene. As he sped toward the group of four pedestrians heading into the mall, his car jumped the curb. One eyewitness at the scene stated that Mr. Goldberg appeared to be trying to “run them down.”

Authorities stated that Mr. Goldberg’s car did not hit the pedestrians, but that he did get out of his vehicle and attacked the male passenger from the other car and the car’s female driver as they walked inside. During the attack, Mr. Goldberg stabbed the female driver in her stomach, and he stabbed the man in his upper back, as well as slashed his face and right bicep.

The female victim required emergency surgery and hospitalization for the injuries she sustained.

In a bond hearing held the following day, Goldberg was charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder and three counts of reckless endangerment, among other counts. Mr. Goldberg is currently being held without bond as he awaits upcoming court proceedings.

Our family at Lewis & Tompkins, P.C., would like to extend our thoughts for a full and quick recovery to the two victims involved in this devastating incident.

We also understand the extreme dangers associated with road rage and aggressive driving. In many cases, innocent people are tragically hurt or injured when emotions run high and car accidents occur. Please drive carefully and take your time. Nobody’s life should be put at risk because of another’s impatience or frustration. If you have questions about road rage or parking lot incidents like this one, please call us at 202-296-0666 today.

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A local bicycle crash in Woodbridge, VA that recently claimed the life of one male cyclist is just one of numerous bicycle accidents occurring in the D.C. metro area over the last few months.

The details in this particular accident, which occurred early September, involve a teenage female and a 66-year-old male cyclist, both traveling in front of Hylton High School. Police say that the cyclist was riding on the sidewalk in front of the school when a Ford Mustang, driven by a 17-year-old female, left the roadway, traveled over the curb, and struck the man. Authorities stated that she continued traveling forward until she eventually struck a light pole, dragging the victim more than 150 feet in the process.

The cyclist, who was not yet identified, was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver, a high school student not from Hylton, was reportedly not injured in the accident.

Police and investigators at the scene were investigating whether the teen was texting while driving, and whether alcohol or drugs were contributing factors in the crash. There is also concern about the teen’s speed at the time of the accident.

Most of Spriggs Road has a 45 mph speed limit, except for the particular stretch directly in front of the school, which has a reduced speed limit of 25 mph during school hours.

Although police declined to comment directly about the driver’s speed, evidence at the scene showed that the vehicle came to a stop several feet away from the light pole it slammed into. There were also no clear skid marks on the roadway to indicate sudden braking.

Any accident that injures or kills someone is a tragedy, and at Lewis & Tompkins, our hearts go out to the family and loved ones grieving the loss of this man who was struck. D.C. bicycle and vehicle accidents happen for so many different reasons, but when inexperienced teenage drivers, possible texting or other distractions are involved, and excessive speeds are all combined together, the outcomes can be devastating.

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Our car accident attorneys recently learned of yet another catastrophic Maryland vehicle accident in the DC metro area. This recent multi-car crash happened in the afternoon on August 27, when high volumes of traffic were traveling on Route 3 in Gambrills, in Anne Arundel County.

Officials said that the multi-vehicle accident was caused when a flatbed truck rear-ended a Toyota Camry, starting a chain reaction accident involving a total of five cars and the flatbed truck, itself.

The driver of the Camry, 37-year-old Michael Thomas Cullen, was traveling home to Warsaw, Va. on Route 3 just before 5 p.m. with his girlfriend, Bethany Dempsey, her 14-year-old daughter Lauren Dempsey, and his two children, Bubba and Abigail. Bethany, Lauren, and 7-year-old Abigail were passengers in the backseat of the Camry when a flatbed truck, driven by Jason Nathaniel Pagaypa, rear-ended the car.

Authorities determined that Pagaypa was traveling at a rate of speed near the posted 50 mph speed limit, but failed to slow his truck when congested traffic slowed near the Route 175 intersection traffic light.

All three of the backseat passengers died at the scene, while Cullen and his 15-year-old son were hospitalized with critical injuries. Four other motorists were also hospitalized for injuries that they sustained during the accident.

One injured crash victim and witness, Jim Cox, stated that his wife’s seat broke during the accident and that she was in tremendous pain, but rescue personnel were unable to immediately help because others were more seriously injured.

Another witness described the crash by stating, “I just remember swirling around, turning around, a car coming to a stop, a truck coming by…” In fact, first responders at the scene were reportedly so distraught by the intensity of the accident that a counselor was called out to the scene to help those emotionally processing the accident.

Our family at Lewis & Tompkins would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of both the Cullen and Dempsey families during this difficult time. We offer our thoughts to all of victims injured in the crash, in hopes of a full and quick recovery.

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We all cheered when hybrid and electric cars debuted. These energy-efficient vehicles generate fewer emissions and are considered a “green” alternative to traditional cars. However, one unexpected problem has occurred. These cars are so quiet that some pedestrians may have trouble hearing them. Because these cars do not rely on traditional gas or diesel-powered engines at low speeds, they are significantly quieter than traditional cars.

That’s why the United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently proposed that hybrid and electric vehicles meet minimum sound standards. This would help pedestrians—including elderly and sight-impaired pedestrians—to be more aware of approaching vehicles.

The proposal requires vehicles to operate with sounds that could be detectable under a wide range of street noises and other ambient background sounds. Automakers would have a range of choices about the sounds they could choose, as long as the characteristics of those sounds meet certain minimum requirements.

The Baltimore Sun reports that a 19-year-old college student was killed in a hit-and-run incident on the night of Friday, February 7, on West Main Street in Westminster, Maryland. The two-car collision happened just after 11 pm.

Local police are offering a $1,000 reward for any information regarding the vehicle that killed the student – a Ford pickup truck with an unknown driver. The truck driver, which had been involved in another minor accident minutes before, fled the scene and cannot be located.

Five college students were riding in a Chevrolet Cavalier at the time of the accident, with Thomas Rouleau dying at the scene of the accident. Three other students were transferred to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center with a number non-life-threatening injuries, while the last student was brought to the Carroll Hospital Center with minor injuries. All of the four surviving students have been treated and released from the hospital at this time. Police identified the surviving students as Megan Magee, 19, Nina Minadakis, 19, Patricia Mellott, 19, and David Arnold, 19.The students had planned to go bowling off campus that night.

The Senate recently passed the Lilly Ledbetter law into effect, and we view that as a cause for celebration.

For those of you who don’t know, Lilly Ledbetter was a woman who, unbeknownst to her, was receiving less pay at her job than her male counterparts over a period of years.

When she finally found out, she filed a lawsuit. The suit went all the way up the judicial ladder to the Supreme Court, where they ruled against her suit on the grounds that the statute of limitations had run out on her claim by the time that she filed it. We viewed that decision as patently absurd.