Caught on Camera: The Dangerous World of Videotaping Your Drive

Distracted driving can be one of the most dangerous causes of car accidents. National statistics show that in 2012 an estimated 420,000 people were injured in car accidents caused by distracted drivers, and nearly 3,300 were killed.

One of the biggest trends in social media involves people video taping themselves, or others, doing interesting, dangerous, or crazy things. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, except for the fact this is being done while driving!

So, what has captivated America’s attention that drivers are willing to let the camera’s role while driving?

  • Wild animals running nearby the road.
  • Other car crashes happening in real time.
  • Themselves singing well-known songs.
  • Other motorists throwing angry fits.

One popular video that went viral involved a man who was watching a deer run alongside his car on a New England interstate highway. The video finally ended when the vehicle was involved in a rollover crash!

These are just a few of the strange events that some drivers feel the need to video, all while trying to safely handle a vehicle. Sadly, drivers are willing to put themselves, their passengers, and other motorists at risk all in an effort to see how many views they can get on YouTube or likes on Facebook.

The next time you decide to break out singing a hit Disney song for the entire world to see, all while driving on the Capital Beltway, just remember that the show might not end up how you’d expect. Otherwise, the show that the world sees might just be your car crash!

Do you know someone who has an interest in recording things while driving? Do you think that they’re putting themselves and others in danger? If so, feel free to share information on this site with them, and direct them to other articles about the dangers of distracted driving.