Courts Should Use Technology More

In a recent web-news article, criticism has been leveled against D.C. Superior Court’s new electronic case management system. Our firm uses technology to manage its cases, and we believe that everyone, including the Courts, should as well.

Our site has links to the electronic case mananagement systems we frequently are required to use. My experience as a litigator is that these electronic case management systems are excellent. While learning anything new can be a little frustrating, the ability to electronically file documents with the court, as well as check the date and time of the filing, is very helpful.

Electronic filing simply requires an attorney, rather than photocopy and mail or deliver a document to the court, to scan a document and upload that document to the court. This saves a tremendous amount of time and money. No more paper copies, no more postage, no more courier fees, and no more waiting in line at the clerk’s office.

Electronic filing also allows for easier searching of a court docket entry for missing filings. Don’t believe that lawyer filed that motion? Go to the docket and find out. You don’t have to make a special trip to the clerk’s office, wait for the clerk to look around for the file, and then flip pages to find the entry.

I commend D.C. Superior Court for looking to the future and pushing electronic filing.