D.C. Accident Lawyer Explains Gender Divide on Car Crashes

We’ve all seen them – bad drivers who have no business on the road. They are tailgaters, speeders, and those who angrily honk their horns at other motorists. And the ones that cut off everybody else because they don’t have a few seconds to spare are the worst. Then, there are the drivers on the receiving end, witnessing terrible drivers on the road, and then reacting just as inappropriately.

Drivers on both sides of this bad driving behavior are at risk of getting into serious car accidents on the road. A recent survey conducted in April 2013 interviewed 500 men and 500 women, breaking down their driving habits, and comparing who is more likely to succumb to poor driving choices. This is what the survey revealed.

  • Women are more likely to swear at other drivers while in front of their kids, while more men tend to honk their horns instead.
  • Women are more likely to flip off other drivers on the road than men are.
  • Men are more likely than women to steal a parking spot that another driver was waiting for.
  • Women are slightly more likely to tailgate other drivers than men are, while men are more likely to speed up to prevent another driver from passing them on the road.
  • Women and men tend to be equal offenders at dinging other people’s cars in a parking lot and then driving away.

Although men and women may argue that the other sex is more dangerous behind the wheel, these recent results show that both genders clearly have their bad habits of choice. Any of these forms of distracted driving, road rage, or anger management issues can likely cause a serious motor vehicle accident in the blink of an eye.

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