Dangerous, Defective Chinese Drywall Found in Virginia Beach Prompts Lawsuit

As more information concerning the dangerous tainted Chinese drywall comes to light, it appears that some of the defective product found its way to Virginia Beach, Virginia. America’s Watchdog, a national consumer protection advocacy group, has reported that defective Chinese drywall has been found in at least 12 states, with other instances in other states still being actively investigated by the group. The product is made by Knauf Tianjin.

Over 300 pounds of the substance was brought into Florida in 2006, though authorities are still not sure how much of the product was tainted and raised health concerns.

“It’s by no stretch of the imagination just in south Florida,” said Thomas Martin, America’s Watchdog president.

Martin estimates that the bad drywall has been installed in 10,000 homes across the country, which includes both new constructions and renovation projects. More than that, the product is still in the market and being install currently by builders across the country who are unaware of the problem.

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, a democrat from Florida, has asked the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency to investigate the potential health threat posed by the defective drywall and determine whether there should be a recall of the specific type of drywall. At the same time, other lawmakers are calling for drywall to be included on a list of consumer products that must pass an existing list of health standards.

The complaints lodged against the drywall have to do with a strange odor that comes from the products as well as alleged copper corrosion. Since the discovery, China has said the odor was probably being caused by a certain rock involved in the product manufacturing process. The company has said it has stopped using materials from the mine in question. It is not clear whether or not the drywall causes health problems or is a health hazard.

However, class-action lawsuits in Florida already abound, with some families moving out of their contaminated houses and claiming that the air quality has damaged their health.

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