David Tompkins Appears on WPFW 89.3 to Discuss Pedestrian Safety and Accidents

So I was asked to appear on WPFW 89.3 this morning with Dave Rayburn to discuss the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in Washington, D.C. We had a really nice discussion of what intersections are the most dangerous and why.

The worst intersections mostly fall in a very dense cluster around K Street NW between 12th Street and 20th Street NW.

There are a number of reasons why these locations are so dangerous to pedestrians:

1. There are more cars in tighter quarters.
2. The drivers tend to be more distracted by work, cell phones, and other traffic.
3. There are simply more pedestrians.
4. Pedestrians tend to be more distracted, talking on phones or rushing.
5. The attitude of drivers in these locations tend to be aggressive.

Please be careful out there when crossing a street. Cross only at crosswalks, cross only with the light, and never, never assume someone will stop for you. Be cautious.