DC Gets the Inauguration Right

The Inauguration of Barack Obama is now over, and the 1.2 million people who flooded into our hometown are now gone. The Mall has been cleaned up, the Hotels are back to having rooms available, and D.C. can now go back to what passes for normal around here.
While the inauguration was amazing enough, what strikes us as even more important was that nobody got hurt.
Car accidents and pedestrian accidents happen in DC constantly, and they happen whether Congress is in session or not, or if the President is in town or not, or if the Supreme Court is in session or not, or if the Wizards, Capitals, or Nationals are in town or not.
The fact that so many people were in town and there were no reported car wrecks and no reported pedestrian accidents is a testament to how well planned the ceremony was. Everyone involved should be proud of themselves.