DC Subway Crash Injures Three Workers, NTSB To Investigate

Just six months after the deadly and shocking red line DC metro crash that killed nine people and injured dozens, another Metro crash in a northern Virginia rail yard left three workers injured and caused an estimated $9 million in damages.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which is already deep in an investigation of this summer’s serious transportation, said on Monday that it would also launch a formal investigation of this crash, which in some ways resembles the Washington DC crash of earlier this year. The union that represents most Metro workers will also be conducting an independent investigation.

The accident occurred at the West Falls Church train yard in which one six-car train rammed into a stationary six-car train. All 12 rail cars involved were damaged in the train accident as were the tracks where the incident took place. The train operator of the moving train as well as two rail car cleaners were injured in the accident.

Metro officials did point out that the cars did not telescope – crush inward – during the train accident, a concern that many have held since the earlier crash this summer. Metro officials did not share how fast the train was going at the time of the impact. It was revealed, though, that the conductor involved in the accident had worked over ten hours that day.

This was the fourth serious Metro accident in 2009.

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