Defensive Driving: Master the Skills for Safe Driving

Drunk driver, slow driver, and distracted driver: Each is a danger to themselves and to other motorists on the road. We’ve all seen them on D.C.’s roads, been caught behind them on the interstates, or heard about their accidents on the news. We’ve even questioned just how certain people are able to just get a license!

With so many distracted drivers on the road, it’s easy to wonder just how safe you can really be when you can’t control the irresponsible actions of others behind the wheel. But, avoiding a serious car accident is much like a sport. Practicing a little defense can help keep you, and your car, dent free on your next trip down the Capital Beltway.

Defensive Driving Tips for Your Capital Beltway Drive

  • Know how your vehicle reacts under certain weather conditions. Understanding how your car handles snow, rain, or slush will help you with reaction times and controlling your vehicle.
  • Look ahead of you. Be vigilant by surveying other vehicles around you so you can gauge a potential threatening situation.
  • Don’t expect other drivers to follow safe driving laws. Watch out especially at intersections, exit and entrance ramps, and construction zones. Be prepared to stop at any moment!
  • Learn to control your speed. Always be aware of how fast you’re going at any time. Speed can be a leading factor for catastrophic car crashes.
  • Stay alert! Don’t drive drowsy. Avoid distractions if possible, and keep the inside temperature of your car set to keep you comfortable, yet alert.

Remember: Drivers may dart out of parking lot spots without looking carefully, or fail to yield at intersections, or swerve in and out of lanes dangerously. By driving defensively you may be able to see potential accidents before they happen.

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