DOT Safety Grants Helping to Prevent D.C. Pedestrian Accidents

A steady rise in pedestrian deaths has caused the Department of Transportation to turn to offering money to keep pedestrians safe—in the form of grants.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced the news on Monday, August 5th near the DOT’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. Cities with the highest number of fatalities are eligible to apply for the grants, and the money will be awarded to six cities, split between them to help these cities improve safety for their pedestrians. Cities can choose to spend the money in a variety of different ways, including better crosswalks and safety enforcement.

Foxx blames the uptick in pedestrian deaths on both distracted drivers and distracted pedestrians—the use of cell phones has once again taken center stage in the battle for safety on the roads. Foxx also cited that pedestrians’ use of ear buds and headphones can prevent them from having the necessary situational awareness.

Pedestrian deaths are one of the few areas of transportation safety that has worsened over time, which concerns Foxx. According to him, everyone – no matter what the usual mode of transportation – is a pedestrian.

The announcement coincided with the NHTSA’s launch of a new website called “Everyone is a Pedestrian.” This site offers statistics, tips, and resources for keeping yourself and your community safe.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that over 4,000 pedestrians were killed in 2011, which is a significant difference—about an eight percent rise—since 2009. The NHTSA also claims that a pedestrian is killed every two hours, and injured every eight minutes.

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