Dump Truck Driver Charged in Fatal Arlington Accident

A Manassass man has recently been charged after causing an accident that claimed the life of an Arlington mother at the end February.

The accident took place outside of Nottingham Elementary School on Little Falls Road. The victim, 39-year-old Jennifer Lawson, was attempting to get one of her children out of their van on February 24 when Marvin Valladares, 33, struck her vehicle with his dump truck.

According to police and original reports, Lawson, a mother of three, was leaning into her vehicle through the rear passenger side door after just putting one of her children into a car seat. As Valladares was passing by, a step on the dump truck caught the sliding door on her van. The collision forced the door to close on Lawson, and actually ripped the door off of the van itself. Lawson’s child was not injured in the crash.

For his part in the accident that killed Ms. Lawson, Valladares was charged with failure to pay full-time attention. The charge is a misdemeanor offense. The maximum penalty for a misdemeanor offense is a $100 fine and up to ten days in jail.

The Arlington Police stated that the charge against the driver was determined after an in-depth investigation into all of the various facts of the accident. The speed of the dump truck and where the victim was standing were among the factors considered.

The incident came as a shock to the community that knew Lawson as a devoted mother, school volunteer, and avid runner.

We’d like to extend our thoughts and condolences to the family, friends, and loved ones grieving the loss of Jennifer Lawson in this tragic event.