Eight Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Robotic Surgery

Hospitals in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia use the da Vinci Robotic System to perform a variety of surgical procedures including prostatectomies, gynecological surgeries, and heart-bypass surgeries. Hospital websites claim that robot-assisted surgery as being is more precise and less invasive, so patients experience less pain, fewer scars, and a faster recovery.

However, the da Vinci surgical robot has also been associated with serious complications including excessive bleeding, burns, infection, scarring, organ perforations, severed nerves, and punctures to blood vessels and arteries. If your doctor is suggesting robotic surgery, these reports may make you very nervous.

The truth is that there are risks with both traditional and robotic surgery. You and your doctor will need to decide which type of surgery is best for you. Here are some questions that can help you make that decision.

Eight Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Undergoing Robotic Surgery

  1. Who will perform the surgery?
  2. How much training have you had in robotic surgery?
  3. How many of these procedures have you performed?
  4. What are the complications associated with this type of robotic surgery?
  5. What are the advantages of robotic surgery compared to other procedures?
  6. Are there any other procedures that will treat my condition?
  7. What are the risks associated with each type of procedure?
  8. Do I have any medical conditions that would make some procedures risky?

Make sure that you are informed about all the risks before making a medical decision. If you suffer complications, don’t hesitate to get a legal opinion. Contact Lewis and Tompkins to schedule a free consultation.