Family Considers Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Maryland Medevac Crash

Ashley Younger and Jordan Wells were two college freshmen who had been involved in a car accident in Southern Maryland. The two, 17 and 18 respectively, suffered minor injuries such as chest pain following the crash, which took place when Younger lost control of the car, drove across a median, and hit a few trees before coming to a stop.

The girls were put in the Maryland State Police Aviation Command Trooper 2 and sent to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. However, when family members arrived at the hospital in Alexandria, Virginia, the girls did not appear. After four hours without answered, only Wells appeared – the other four people aboard the medical helicopter had died in the accident.

Now, Younger’s mother wants answers. She doesn’t understand why the helicopter transported the only minorly injured girls and why it was flying in poor weather conditions. She also wants to know why no one told her about the helicopter crash for hours after it happened – she discovered her daughter’s fate after hearing two nurses talking in the hallway.

Well’s parents as well as the family of one of the paramedics on board are also considering wrongful death lawsuits. The families want to know about the mechanical problems of the helicopter and other failed policies – and about how it took rescue parties two hours to find the downed helicopter. What started as a straightforward car accident ended in a night of confusion, miscommunication, and the loss of four lives.

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