Family Of DC Metro Crash Victim Files Wrongful Death Suit

After the fatal Washington, DC, metro crash that occurred late in June, a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by the family of one of the victims. One of the nine victims of the fatal subway accident was 29-year-old Veronica DuBose, the mother of two young children who was going to start classes at Sanz College this coming fall.

The family of Roni, as she was known to loved ones, is seeking $25 million in damages in the wrongful death lawsuit.

The New York Times reported new information about the cause of the subway crash on July 1 – saying that the equipment that alerted subway car drivers of stopped vehicles on the tracks was repaired just five days before the accident took place. In its initial investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board announced that the track-circuit component of the Red Line was malfunctioning on June 17 according to maintenance records. Testing after the accident has revealed that the detection equipment was still failing for a few seconds at a time near where the tragic crash took place.

The DC Metro crash took place on June 22, injuring an estimated 80 people and killing 9. It was the deadliest subway accident in the history of the Metro system, which opened in 1976.

For the time being, all DC Metro trains are being operated manually and are traveling at slower speeds than usual. The average age of a DC Metro car is almost 20 years. Washington DC officials say that replacing the cars would cost an estimated $1 billion.

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