February Defective Product Recalls

Although we often assume that the products we buy and use in our homes have been tested for safety issues, dozens of defective products are recalled each month because they poses a risk to users. Are you familiar with the most recent recalls?

· The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported a recall for the Land of Nod Cottage Bunk Beds. These beds have defective railings that may cause children to fall from their beds and injure themselves.

· Intermatic has recalled over 200,000 of their heavy duty timers, which have a faulty ground connection and could seriously shock users.

· Mavic USA has recalled roughly 12,000 bike rims that have the potential to cause a crash hazard due to weak front wheel spokes. There has been one injury report that involved a biker breaking his teeth after a crash due to the faulty rims.

· Playland International has recalled 700 swing sets that pose a fall risk to children using the structure. The top bar of the structure may fall on children or by-standers. One child has received a head injury from a falling bar.