Federal Agency Discusses Recalls in Calendar Year 2012

The United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently issued a press release regarding product safety recalls in 2012. The NHTSA is the federal agency that directs highway safety and consumer programs established by federal laws. The agency holds automakers accountable for recalling vehicles and equipment that have safety defects.

The agency noted that manufacturers filed more than 650 safety recalls in 2012. These recalls affected over 17.8 million vehicles, child seats, and vehicle equipment pieces. NHTSA takes credit for influencing the recall of more than 9 million vehicles and 60,000 items of vehicle equipment, including tires and child safety seats, in 2012.

The NHTSA highlights its efforts in removing unsafe products from the nation’s roadways. Because of the agency’s work pursuing investigations and recalls, millions of motorists are safer.

The agency’s Office of Defects Investigation and the Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance review information from multiple sources in order to identify potential safety defect trends before those problems significantly affect motorists. The staff investigates information gathered from direct consumer complaints, early warning reporting data, technical service bulletins, independent auto web sites, fan sites, bulletin boards, trade publications, and popular magazines.

The agency notes that many recalls are initiated by consumer complaints. In 2012 alone, NHTSA received over 40,000 consumer complaints concerning potential safety defects.

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