Five Injured In Grantsville Off-Road Vehicle Accidents

Just because most vehicle accidents take place on Maryland’s roads, highways, and interstates does not mean that they all do. Off-road vehicles such as ATVs and dirt bikes can lead to serious injuries, especially in children and in those who do not wear helmets and other protective gear.

This could not have been any clearer than on last Sunday, when Police were called to the scene of multiple off-road accidents that resulted in injury. Maryland State Police were called to the scene of a four-wheeler accident involving two young girls, aged 17 and 10. Both were rushed by emergency workers to Cumberland Memorial Hospital with life-threatening injuries. The younger of the two girls suffered incapacitating injuries and was transported by Maryland State Police Medevac helicopter to medical help. According to police, the girls were both ejected from the vehicle when it was driven into a ditch.

In a separate accident, two more people were injured in a four-wheeler ATV accident and taken to Cumberland Hospital as well. In a third accident, a man was injured in a dirt bike accident in Avilton, which the Garrett County Emergency Services responded to. The extent of the off-road vehicle accident injuries in these two cases is not known.

Especially as warm summer weather sets in, more and more young adults will be riding on all-terrain vehicles and off-road vehicles. While these experiences can be fun, it is very important to put safety first in the form of responsible driving and proper protective equipment.

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