Gear Makes a Big Difference in a Virginia Motorcycle Accident

For motorcyclists, there is a certain outward image that riders often try to portray to others around them. However, one of the most overlooked, but extremely important aspects of motorcycle safety is wearing proper safety gear. These items may seem bulky, uncomfortable, or cumbersome, but they are a crucial aspect of protection if you’re ever involved in a Virginia motorcycle accident. Wearing these items could be the only protection that your body has if you’re thrown from your bike.

Protect yourself while you’re on your motorcycle. Your gear matters!

  • Helmet Studies show that motorcycle helmets help reduce the risk of serious head, brain, and neck injuries in the event of a motorcycle accident. In many cases, riders are thrown off of the motorcycle, and a helmet helps protect a rider’s head if this happens.
  • Leather motorcycle jacket – Not only does a well-made leather motorcycle jacket protect riders against windburn, flying stones, or debris, it can also help guard against abrasion injuries during an accident
  • Ear protection – loud engine noise and wind can cause permanent hearing problems or even total hearing loss.
  • Jeans/Riding pants – An essential part of riding gear, motorcycle pants offer lower body protection against flying objects and skidding across the pavement.
  • Boots – The proper boots can not only offer you foot, ankle, and shin protection.

If you are ever involved in a motorcycle accident in Virginia, it’s important to know that your attire isn’t the only form of protection you may have. Although your gear is very important, your legal rights also deserve protection.

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