Group Biking Safety and Consequence Protection

Every week you participate in a group bike ride sponsored by different shops around DC. Last week, you had a bit of a scare while biking the City Explorers Ride as the cyclist in front of you hit a rock and spun it straight toward you. You veered to avoid getting struck, but as a result, lost your balance and wound up tumbling into the street.

There wasn’t much traffic and you were able to right yourself before getting run over by a car. However, you weren’t quick enough to avoid causing the three bikers behind you to tumble as well. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured this time, but it made you wonder, how you can make sure your group is riding safely for next week?

Group Riding Safety Guidelines

Biking is a wonderful form of recreational fun, and can be an extremely rewarding group activity on beautiful summer days. However, it can also be really dangerous if members of the group aren’t paying attention or following the rules of the road. You can, however, stay safe and help avoid possible collision risks by following these simple guidelines every time you and your friends go for a ride:

  • Always wear a helmet and pads. Protecting your head and limbs in case of an accident should always be your first priority, as some accidents can’t be avoided, no matter what you do.
  • Always follow traffic and bike lane rules and laws. Bikes are considered road vehicles and are therefore subject to normal traffic laws, even when riding in groups.
  • Keep your eyes on the road. Although it may be tempting to solely focus on the rider ahead of you, you need to maintain a constant 360-degree awareness at all times
  • Don’t automatically “follow the leader.” Make your own educated decisions; don’t fall into the trap of blindly following the person ahead of you and of expecting his decisions to protect you. Be responsible for your own safety and follow the rules.
  • Keep a safe distance. Although you may not want to lose the group, your safety is more important than catching up. If you feel uncomfortably close or uneasy about your proximity to traffic, slow down to create a safe perimeter.

Participating in group recreational activities such as bike riding should not only be fun but safe as well. Follow these rules and tips to make sure your outing doesn’t end in catastrophe.

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