Heads Up: Washington, D.C. Bicycle Accident Hotspots

Our blog has previously covered topics such as how to prevent bicycle accidents, what to do if you are hurt on your bike, and what insurance policies cover you if you are involved in a bicycle accident. What we have yet to discuss, however, is where these accidents are most likely to occur.

The recent upswing in bicycling as a popular mode of transportation, attributable to the District area’s bicycle friendly initiative, has also made us more aware of the vulnerability of cyclists to the dangers of the road.

It’s no surprise that intersections are guilty of being the most dangerous obstacle that bicyclists face. Whether it is a driver failing to give right-of-way to a cyclist or a cyclist riding the wrong way (either riding against traffic or ignoring traffic signals), intersections are the scene of a great majority of bike-car crashes. The intersections of highway access ramps and surface streets can be especially dangerous, especially since cars are often asked to yield rather than stop completely.

Washington, D.C. bike accidents are somewhat strange (as far as accidents go); these accidents do not typically happen in bad weather or involve intoxicated drivers or riders. These accidents most often occur during the day, and simply involve a driver or cyclist that may have let their attention slide for just a moment.

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