Intersections Cause Increased Dangers for Cyclists

How many times have you had a staring contest with a motorist at the intersection of 7th and Penn Avenue, or at Capitol and New York, while out riding your bike?

You think you have the right of way, but you want to make sure the motorist knows that you know you have the right of way. So you stare each other down (or at least you think he’s staring back at you) for a few seconds, until you decide to start to inch into the intersection. Then all of a sudden the motorist pushes the gas and leaves you stumbling on one foot, trying to regain control of your tipping bike, as he leaves you in the dust. Sound familiar?

Approximately 55 percent of bicycle crashes, collisions, and accidents occur at intersections, making them one of the most hazardous areas for bikers to cross. This is why it is extremely important for you to take proper precautions and follow all traffic laws to avoid life-altering intersection accidents.

Intersection Dangers: Know Them and Prevent Them

Let these tips guide you when riding your bicycle:

  • When a driver can’t see you, he can’t stop to avoid hitting you. Increase your visibility when biking by using front and rear lamps and wearing brightly colored or reflective clothing.
  • A staggeringly high number of bicycle accidents happen as a result of either the biker or the driver not paying attention to what was happening around him. Always be alert and aware of your surroundings whether you’re on a bike or in a car. Not only will this help reduce accidents, it’s also a legal requirement for all vehicle operators.
  • Accidents, distractions and, unforeseen events can occur without warning. Learning to drive and ride defensively and how to execute emergency maneuvers can help you avoid a serious and life-threatening collision.
  • A bike ride is only enjoyable if you make it home safely. Don’t risk your safety and the safety of others by disobeying or ignoring traffic laws, precautionary guidelines, and common sense. Enjoy your ride and let others enjoy an accident-free ride home.

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