Is the Price of Gas Affecting Your Safety in Washington, D.C.-Area Car Accidents?

As gas prices have steadily risen over the last decade, the trend in vehicle purchases has swung from large SUVs to smaller, more economical cars. These lightweight cars not only have a lower sticker price, but the fuel consumption is so much lower that over the course of a few years, owners could save thousands in fuels costs compared to larger vehicles.

What we are only just learning, thanks to the Insurance Research Council (IRC), is that this move to smaller vehicles could be costing insured drivers more over time. While the common theory is that larger vehicles cost more to insure since they cause more property damage in an accident, we are learning now that occupants of smaller accidents have significantly higher medical bills, pushing the overall insurance claim amounts of smaller vehicles over those of larger vehicles.

What this means, of course, is that the cost of auto insurance could possibly be affected. The typical reaction to higher fuel costs is an overall reduction of individuals driving, which lowers accident rates and could possibly lower policy costs. On the other hand, with small vehicle occupants facing a greater possibility of hospitalization and missed work in the event of an accident, insurance costs may rise to reflect rising claim costs. More of the IRC’s research can be found at

While no one factor will contribute to the rise and fall of insurance policy costs, one thing that you can do to protect yourself in a Washington, D.C. car accident is to make sure that your vehicle—no matter the size—is fully equipped with the proper safety features, including front and side airbags.

If you are hurt in a D.C.-area car crash, one thing is certain: you will need a skilled lawyer to make sure that you receive the maximum possible compensation for your injuries. The Bethesda car accident lawyers at Lewis & Tompkins can help you get started today—call for a free consultation at 202.296.0666.