Johns Hopkins Student Killed In Hit-And-Run In Baltimore

A man with a laundry list of past reckless driving offenses and multiple DWIs in under arrest for a fatal Baltimore hit-and-run accident that claimed the life of a 20-year-old John Hopkins University student on October 16. Maryland State Police say that Miriam Frankl was struck and killed by a truck driven by 39-year-old Thomas Meighan after the driver had spent the day breaking various traffic laws.

Meighan has a long history of traffic citations and driving violations, including 21 different convictions for reckless driving and 6 different instances of driving under the influence. In fact, the dangerous driver was out on bail at the time of the Maryland pedestrian accident in regards to another DWI and hit-and-run charge which took place this summer. Now Baltimore District Judge Nancy Shugar is holding the man without bail, saying that the man poses an extreme risk to society when he is behind the wheel.

Initially, Meighan was charged with 16 different traffic infractions, but recently Maryland authorities have dropped those charges in favor of a more serious manslaughter charge in the pedestrian accident that could end in a ten-year prison sentence.

Multiple witnesses saw Meighan’s truck driving erratically on the day of the accident – speeding, running lights, leaving its lane, making unsafe lane changes, and driving the wrong way down one-way streets. Even some traffic cameras caught the vehicle breaking the rules of the road. Meighan has made some claims that he lent his truck to a friend for the day.

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