Kids, Car Seats, and Taxicab Accidents: How Safe Are Your Kids?

If you’re the parent of a young child, your next quick cab ride might turn out to be the longest trip of your life. Why? Because it’s easy to forget that the same safety laws and regulations that are laid out to protect your child while in the family car still apply to the taxi, as well.

If you hop into a cab with your child, forgetting about the proper child restraints to keep them safe, you could be putting your little one at risk of serious injury if your cab driver gets into a serious auto accident.

It can be easy to overlook these safety recommendations. After all, car seats can be bulky and heavy, and very difficult to install properly in any car. So, the idea of taking one with you everywhere you go with your child can seem extremely unpractical. But, remember that your child’s life is far more valuable than the few extra minutes it takes to strap in a child car seat in the back of a taxi.

So, here are a few simple car seat tips to remember for those of you who use taxis frequently:

  • Bigger is better. With larger weight accommodations, these seats may last you longer and provide greater protection if your driver gets into a car accident. You trust your child’s life in another driver’s hands. Do your part to keep him/her safe!
  • Be sure that the seat fits in your own vehicle. If it fits in your car, it’ll most likely fit in a taxi, too. Be sure to pick a taxi that is larger, too, such as a sedan or minivan. These types of cab usually allow enough space for a hassle-free and quick installation.
  • Select a car seat that attaches to a stroller. This allows you to transport the seat around easily when you’re not using it in a vehicle.
  • Try a travel vest as an alternative to a car seat for an older toddler. These compact, lightweight vests function similarly to booster seats by providing proper seat belt positioning for young children who don’t meet standard safety belt height and weight requirements.

Don’t forget that children still need to be protected whenever they are riding in a vehicle- no matter what kind of vehicle it may be. In the Washington, D.C. area, there are thousands of taxicab accidents every year. Remembering to bring a properly fitting child safety restraint can help keep your child from becoming another statistic.

If you have questions about taxicab accidents or victims rights, please feel free to contact us today. We proudly represent victims of auto accidents throughout Washington, D.C, Virginia, and Maryland, and may be able to help you assert your legal rights, too.