Lawmaker Charged After Two Alcohol-Related Incidents in Maryland

Many believe that our elected officials, and those that are in places of authority should be held to a higher standard, setting the example for others to follow. Over the last year, one Anne Arundel County lawmaker has put this belief to the test, pleading guilty to two separate Maryland vehicle incidents involving vehicle operation while intoxicated.

In late October, Del. Don Dwyer, Jr. pleaded guilty to two separate incidents – operating a boat while under the influence and driving a car under the influence. The boating incident resulted in an August 2012 crash on the Magothy River that injured seven individuals. The auto incident occurred in August 2013. Arundel police saw Dwyer speeding and swerving on Route 100 in Pasadena and issued the arrest after he struggled with field sobriety tests. Dwyer was initially charged with drunken driving, unsafe passing, driving with expired tags, and other charges. Most were dropped after Dwyer pleaded guilty to impaired driving.

Judge Emory Plitt heard the case and sentenced Dwyer to one year in jail for the two incidents, with all but 60 days suspended on the condition that Dwyer remains compliant with his probation terms.

The boating accident, which injured six individuals along with Dwyer, involved three children who were injured when their boat collided with Dwyer’s boat on the river. The children experienced fractures to their faces, skulls, and arms. One suffered a neck injury, while another continues to have balance problems, memory problems, and trouble sleeping.

The legislator’s attorney stated that Dwyer’s drinking problems stem from stressing involving family life and his political career. As a politician, his conservative policy positions “have brought numerous death threats over the years and pressure from people who disagree with him.” According to his attorney, Dwyer is remorseful for his choices and has accepted responsibility for his drinking.

No matter whether drivers are behind the wheel of a car or a boat, impaired driving is always a dangerous, and potentially deadly choice to make. The results can affect all parties involved for years following an alcohol-related crash. If you’ve been seriously injured in a vehicle accident, our Montgomery County vehicle accident attorneys proudly serve victims throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Call today to schedule a free consultation: 202-296-0666.

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