Man Walks Away From Maryland Small Plane Accident

A man miraculously escaped serious injury after crashing his small engine plane into Green Ridge State Forest in Maryland. The man, 75-year-old Donald Myers, was flying above Allegany County, Maryland, when the engine of his 2009 Kitfox fixed wing aircraft cut out. The small plane’s mechanical failure sent the aircraft into the Green Ridge State Forest, where it crashed between two trees and a few feet off of the ground. The man’s plane was built from a kit.

The small plane accident took place at about 9:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. Myers, an experienced pilot, only suffered a small cut on his hand. The man jumped down from the plane, walked to a nearby road in the Oldtown, Maryland, area, and flagged down help after his MD plane crash. He refused medical treatment for the gash on his hand according to authorities.

Myers said, “I just was careful and got out and grabbed a hold of grapevine and slid on down, of course the aircraft isn’t that high off the ground.”

According to Maryland State Police, the Cumberland Barrack was notified that an Air Force rescue transmitter has been activated, indicating there may have been an airplane crash in the area of Mertens Avenue and Jacobs Road in Green Ridge State Forest. When emergency workers responded, including a Trooper Five rescue helicopter the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, they found the airplane crash survive walking along the road and he led them back to the scene of the aircraft accident.

The small engine plane suffered some damage to its wings during the crash. The FAA will further investigate this airplane crash.

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