Maryland Attorney: Safety Standards for Motorcycle Accident Prevention

Is there a formula to knowing whether or not you will be involved in a Washington, D.C. area motorcycle accident? The European military believes that there is.

The use of motorcycles in the military is fairly common. These fast, tough machines are fairly economical to operate, and are able to perform a diverse array of duties. The military branches of the United States are very strict with motorcycle usage on-duty, and often offer safety resources to their members that use motorcycles in their everyday lives as well. Risk management on- and off-duty is rightfully a primary concern, which has helped military members stay safe on the roads for many years.

In Europe, the military tries to be even more proactive by assessing certain qualities about each candidate that may dictate his or her risk for being in an accident. This risk assessment is full of important criteria that may even be able to help motorcyclists in the District area keep themselves safer.

Here are a few things to ask yourself to see if you are at risk for a D.C., Maryland, or Virginia motorcycle accident:

  • What is your motorcycle’s power to weight ratio? Light, very powerful bikes—like high performance sport bikes—make up a large percentage of fatal accidents.
  • What safety equipment do you use? Do you throw on your helmet and ride with whatever clothes you are wearing, or do you take care to wear protective and reflective outwear?
  • What is your riding experience? If you are young or new to motorcycling, you are likely at a higher risk for a D.C. motorcycle accident.
  • What is your recent driving record? If you are often ticketed in your car, you may ride like you drive.

While there is no tried and true method for knowing if you will be in an accident or not, this assessment can help you to be aware of your possible strengths or short comings. For the accidents that occur when you least expect it, our experienced Maryland motorcycle accident attorneys are ready to help you recover your damages. Call us today at 202-296-0666 for a free consultation.