Maryland Car Accident Attorney: Find Out If Your Car Has Been Recalled

We like to think that the cars we drive represent the epitome of safety. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. Not only are many of our cars flawed, but some have such severe problems that those defects could lead to serious car accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the agency charged with carrying out highway safety and consumer programs, sees a shocking number of safety recalls each year. For example, the NHTSA receives approximately 20 tire recalls each year. It receives eight child restraint recalls each year. It also receives a whopping 600 vehicle recalls each year.

As a consumer, you may wonder how you can be expected to stay informed. And, more importantly, you may wonder how you can find out about the recalls that impact you. Fortunately, the federal government makes it easy. The NHTSA provides a way for you to select specific make and model year combinations in order to receive email notifications about safety issues that impact those vehicles. You can also sign up to receive notifications about motorcycle, child safety seats, tires, and school bus recalls. If you receive information that a vehicle you drive has been recalled, you can immediately follow up on the issue to get the safety problem corrected.

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