Maryland Road Trip Safety Tips for Families

After a cold, long winter, summer is finally here. To celebrate the warm weather, many families are hitting the road for some much needed vacation time. Whether you’re headed to Ocean City, Williamsburg, or any other hot spot in the D.C. area, you are probably getting there by car.

How to Stay Safe on Your Upcoming Road Trip

Before you get behind the wheel this summer, make sure you’ve done the following to keep your family safe and secure on your way to and from your next vacation.

  • Make a trip to your mechanic first. Let your mechanic know that you are getting ready to go on a road trip. He will check your tire pressure, tire treads, fluid levels and more. These are all important to have checked so your car does not break down on the side of the road, or worse.
  • Plan your route. One of the most dangerous things you can do while driving is take your eyes off the road. By planning your route ahead of time you will know where you’re going so you do not have to look down at your phone, GPS, or map.
  • Pack plenty of entertainment. Your kids will get bored on the trip. While you can’t prevent that, you can take steps to ensure your kids won’t distract you while you are driving—and potentially causing an accident. Bring plenty of entertainment for your kids to have within arms’ reach.

The key to having a fun family vacation is keeping everyone safe, and that starts before you leave the house.

As Maryland car accident lawyers, we hear of too many accidents that destroy family’s vacations. By following these tips and planning your trip before you get behind the wheel, you can avoid catastrophe on the drive and have an enjoyable escape out of town.

Do you know of another family going on a road trip this summer? Email them this blog post to help them have a safe trip.