Memorial Day Weekend Washington, D.C. Rolling Thunder Event Sees Several Motorcycle Accidents

Over the Memorial Day weekend, hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists converged on Washington, D.C. to participate in the Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom event.

Rolling Thunder, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to veterans’ rights and bringing accountability for all Prisoners of War/Missing in Action, has held 26 annual demonstrations that begin at the Pentagon and end at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, bringing independent riders and local Rolling Thunder chapters from across the country. The demonstration requires all riders to wear a helmet.

On Thursday, May 23, several motorcyclists were injured on their way to the Washington, D.C. event in Indiana in two separate accidents on Interstate 65. The first accident occurred when a truck slowed suddenly, causing four motorcyclists to perform an evasive maneuver and slide onto their bikes’ sides on the side of the road. Four of the motorcyclists and passengers involved were brought to the hospital with minor injuries. Another accident on I-65 involved two motorcycles and a car, but no one was hospitalized.

On Sunday, May 26, four motorcyclists were injured returning from the event when they were involved in an accident in northern Virginia on I-66 near mile marker 68 in Fairfax County. Traveling in a group of about 30, ten motorcycles crashed while driving through rough pavement in an inactive work zone. Thankfully, all riders involved were wearing helmets and no fatalities occurred. The four injured riders were brought to Fairfax Inova Hospital with serious injuries for treatment.

The northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Bethesda motorcycle lawyers at Lewis & Tompkins wish all of the bikers injured a speedy a full recovery.

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