Metro Worker Dies In Yet Another Washington DC Rail Accident

Just months after a deadly DC rail accident left nine people dead and dozens injured, a DC Metro rail worker has died on the job. This fatal DC rail accident raises even more questions about the safety of the Washington DC commuter rail system.

According to the Washington Post, 44-year-old John Moore of Arlington County, Virginia, died when he was struck by a train between the National Airport and Braddock Road stations. Moore was rushed to the hospital by emergency workers but died four days later. He suffered serious life-threatening injuries and was on life support before he passed away.

The deadly DC Metro accident is now under investigation, and no one is yet sure of how the communications technician was killed. According to initial reports, the man walked down the stairs to a door that opened onto the tracks and was struck when he opened the door. However, officials are not sure why he would go down to the tracks in the first place.

This is the third Metro worker to die in the last tree months with Michael Nash, a Washington DC track maintenance worker, also dying while working his Metro job. He was killed while working with a gravel spreading machine.

Metro officials ordered all rail workers to take further safety training after the initial DC train accident, but the fatalities continue. The last cluster of DC rail fatalities was in 2006 when three workers died while on the job.

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