Montgomery County DOT Taking Important Steps to Prevent Bethesda Bicycling Accidents

Bethesda bicyclists have reason to celebrate this summer, thanks to the Montgomery County Department of Transportation and the White Flint Implementation Committee. Patricia Shepherd, the county’s bikeway coordinator, recently announced that an extension to the Bethesda Trolley Trail will be done in September, adding just over one quarter mile of trail to the northern end of the trail by Edson Lane.

The trail, which serves as an important route for bikers traveling from the Twinbrook Metro station through White Flint, has several bridges that provide safe crossing points over I-270 and the Beltway. As northern Bethesda continues to grow and thrive, bikers have expressed concern over the safety at certain parts of the trail.

The Woodglen Drive portion of the trail is one area in particular that has bikers spooked. Here, bikers contend with a busy supermarket parking lot, several parking garage entrances, and curbside parking. Currently, the trail runs on a shared-use sidewalk on the east side of the street. MCDOT plans on moving the trail to the west side of the street and removing the sidewalk that is currently in place; new plans provide for an eight-foot shared-use path.

Another addition to several areas throughout Bethesda is new lane markings called sharrows. Sharrows indicate the designation of a lane for bikes and cars to share and will likely become more popular throughout the area as bike shares continue to gain popularity.

The Bethesda bicycle accident attorneys at Lewis & Tompkins are thrilled with the county’s proactive stance on bicycle safety, and look forward to hitting the Bethesda Trolley Trail to check out the new improvements.

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