Montgomery County Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise

If you have ever been to the mall or grocery store, you know that the most stressful part of the whole experience is navigating the parking lot. Whether you are in your car or on foot, it feels like the parking lot is just full of corners that various surprises lurk behind, waiting to startle you—or worse. Cars driving too fast, pedestrians popping out of seemingly nowhere, and people backing out of parking spots without looking are all ingredients in a recipe that invites accidents to happen.

A study performed by AAA Mid-Atlantic has been tracking pedestrian accidents, and Montgomery County has been one of the few areas that have included parking lots and parking garages in the study. This has brought to light an upsetting—but admittedly unsurprising—trend; pedestrian accidents in parking lots have increased significantly over four years from 22 percent of pedestrian/car accidents in 2008 to 30 percent in 2012.

AAA Mid-Atlantic has pointed to a few large contributing factors for this uptick in parking lot mishaps, two of which include an abundance of blind spots and poor lighting in these areas. The biggest problem, they say, is from a lack of law enforcement in parking lots.

The Montgomery County pedestrian accident lawyers of Lewis & Tompkins encourage pedestrians to stay alert in parking lots, and to use designated crosswalks and walkways where available.

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