Most Medical Malpractice Claims Close With NO Payment to Victims

A study by the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics found that the majority of medical malpractice claims were closed without payment to those claiming injuries. The study assessed claims from seven states identified as having comprehensive medical malpractice insurance claims databases. In the states of ME, MO and NV, only one-third of the malpractice claims closed resulted in a payout. You can read the article in the Insurance Journal here: As always, doctors want to cry that paying malpractice claims are driving them “out of state” or out of business. Yet, the Insurance Industry, and George W. Bush’s Justice Department (now featuring only crony Attorney Generals) have found the facts don’t back up their insurance industry propoganda. Remember these facts when politicians want to take away your rights, even if you don’t think you will need them. The so-called crisis is false. Doctors and insurance companies are making more money than EVER. Don’t give up your rights just to make them more rich and you less free.