New Design Hopes to Reduce Loudoun Co. Roundabout Car Crashes

Construction on Loudoun’s roundabout has finally been completed, according to the Virginia Department of Transportation. The new changes to the roundabout, located at Routes 15 and 50 in Loudoun County, happened in an effort to reduce the number of traffic accidents occurring at the junction.

The roundabout was originally constructed in 2008 to reduce the number car accidents happening at the Loudoun County intersection. However, in the years following the installation of the traffic circle, the annual number of car crashes nearly tripled. Adjusted curb lines, added traffic signs, and new lane designs have been added to the roundabout to make the intersection safer for motorists traveling through. In 2012 alone, there were 30 roundabout car crashes at the intersection, a number too high for many individuals accept.

Because the speed limit traveling through the roundabout is only 25 mph, injuries are usually minimal. However, car crash injuries do happen. Roundabouts can be confusing for motorists not familiar with the proper manner to use them. This can be a contributing factor to accidents that occur. Some drivers think that they can drive more quickly through the traffic circle than they actually should. Speeding was one of the probable causes of many of the accidents happening at the intersection.

Speeding is one dangerous factor that increases the risk of traffic accidents, but when the act is combined with merging lanes, sharp curves, and multiple exits, it can be especially hazardous. But, the proper design of a roundabout can help reduce the likelihood of an accident.

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