New Technology Keeping Washington, D.C. Pedestrians Safer

Intersections throughout Washington, D.C. have been given a mini-makeover, but you may not be able to see it. As a pedestrian, however, you may be able to sense a bit of a difference.

As a pedestrian, however, you may notice something is off—in a good way. How many times have you walked into a crosswalk only to have cars turning right in front of you, even when you have a clear “Walk” signal? With this new improvement, you may notice that when you step off the curb, cars have to wait a moment to turn—and that is because your “clear to go” signals are now displaced.

The new technology is called the LPI, or Leading Pedestrian Interval. While it sounds fancy, the concept is actually pretty simple: it gives you, as the pedestrian, a head start of three to 10 seconds before cars are able to turn onto the street you are trying to cross. While it seems simple enough, it has actually already begun to reduce pedestrian accidents in the cross walks that feature LPI.

Not only does LPI allow pedestrians to get a physical head start on drivers in an intersection, but it also gives drivers the opportunity to take a second look at where they are planning to turn, and have a better chance at seeing you crossing the street.

The Washington, D.C. pedestrian accident lawyers at Lewis & Tompkins look forward to the continued improvements that the District is making in the interest of pedestrian safety. When you are out for a walk, keep your eyes open for these changes throughout the city!

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