Off-Duty Officer Rescues Boy Trapped Under School Bus

One young elementary student was fortunate to survive after being run over by an unattended school bus on April 7, 2014.

Around 7:00 a.m., several children were waiting at a bus stop located across the street from High Point High School. At the same time, bus driver Arturo Harris, age 61, had stopped his bus to take a restroom break. The problem arose, however, when the bus began to roll down the hill on Powder Mill Road.

Off-duty Baltimore County Auxiliary Police officer Matt Knight happened to be nearby and witnessed the event taking place.

Harris reportedly left the school bus to use the restroom, but failed to engage an emergency or parking brake before exiting. While he was away, Harris did not notice the school bus rolling down a hill toward the kids waiting at the bus stop.

The driverless school bus struck one boy waiting at the stop, leaving him trapped underneath. Officer Knight rushed to the scene to assist in the situation, and was able to pull the boy out from between the axel and the ground.

The young boy complained of having neck pain, and sustained cuts around his ear. The boy’s mother believed it was a miracle that her son was not more seriously injured. Four other students were taken to an area hospital to be checked out as a precautionary measure.

Harris was charged with reckless endangerment, leaving a child unattended, negligent driving, leaving an unattended vehicle, and leaving a vehicle on a grade without turning the wheels to the curb.

Here at Lewis & Tompkins, we are thankful to hear that this young boy was not more seriously injured. We also understand that in some vehicle and pedestrian accidents, injuries may not always appear immediately. It’s always important to speak with an accident injury attorney right away in the event that injuries surface in the hours or days after leaving the accident scene. Please don’t hesitate to call us with your questions.