Olympic Medalist Michael Phelps Involved In Maryland Car Accident

Record-breaking gold medal winner Michael Phelps was involved in a three-car accident in Baltimore, Maryland last week – an accident that comes months after Phelps was punished for smoking marijuana and five years after a conviction for driving with impaired. However, although Phelps admitted to drinking a beer about an hour before the MD car crash last week, Maryland police have determined that alcohol did not play a role in the car accident. Instead, the driver of one of the other cars involved in the accident has been cited for running a red light and for causing a car accident.

Famed swimmer Phelps was not seriously injured in the car accident, though he did complain on his Facebook page that his ankle was sore due to the collision. The female driver of the Honda Accord, Amanda Virkus, who ran the red light, was taken to the hospital after the accident as a precaution. Phelps reported back to training the following Monday and his performance was not affected by the crash.

“No alcohol was involved. No drugs. It was just a car accident,” People Magazine quoted a police source as saying. However, Phelps will be expected to appear in court due to the accident, in order to explain his out-of-state license.

Phelps did receive a citation for driving with a suspended license – a license that was suspended after Phelps did not pay a fine for lack of proof of car insurance. Phelps also received a citation for not establishing legal residence in Maryland.

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