Parents of Bethesda Elementary School Students Push for Improved Pedestrian Safety

Parents of Bethesda Elementary School students have started a petition on, asking the Montgomery County Council, Police Department, and Department of Transportation to increase traffic and pedestrian safety near the school.

The area near this school is popular for pedestrians, but as families walk their children to school, they have been witnessing increased traffic hazards. As the area continues to thrive and grow, the problem is only becoming more noticeable. The Bethesda pedestrian accident lawyers at Lewis & Tompkins are all too familiar with some of the recent accidents.

In February, a mother was pushing her 3-month old infant in a stroller across the intersection of Edgemoor Lane and Arlington Road when a car struck the stroller, dragging the infant and stroller several feet before stopping. The child was not hurt, but the incident shed light on just how unsafe walking conditions have become for pedestrians.

The petition asks for five specific improvements to the area:

  • “No Turn on Red” signs near schools and playgrounds
  • More clearly marked crosswalks near schools and on Arlington Road and Edgemoor Lane
  • Visible police presence near the school
  • Speed cameras on Arlington Road
  • More clearly marked school zones, as well as radar signs indicating vehicle speed

Many parents are especially concerned for their children that walk to school, and these are the people behind the petition. Bethesda has always been known as a pedestrian friendly community, and the petition aims to take immediate action to improve safety for visitors and residents.

We wish the petitioners the best of luck in their efforts to increase safety in their communities.

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