Pilots And FAA Officials Gather In Washington, DC, For Airplane Safety Summit

After a number of concerning plane crashes in the last two years involving untrained pilots and pilot fatigue, a number of FAA officials, pilots, and government officials met in Washington, DC, this week in order to discuss the future of airplane safety and announce immediate emergency actions to prevent future plane crashes.

The meeting ended with a few new resolutions: the FAA will write new pilot regulations involving the number of hours of flying allowed; the government will conduct a review of pilot training; the government will pressure all airlines to focus on safety programs and collect flight data; and the FAA will improve the ability of airlines to fully research a pilot’s flight history before hiring. Currently, only the last five years of a pilot’s flight history can be accessed.

Many of these resolutions would affect regional airlines, not national ones which already take many of these precautions to prevent plane accidents.