Pistachio Recall Affects Maryland and Virginia

In the last week, Setton Farms pistachio company has warned of a potential pistachio salmonella outbreak in both their raw and cooked nut products. In a statement from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the government recommended that the public not eat pistachios or pistachio products until they can confirm that the nuts did not come from Setton Farms.

In Maryland and Virginia, The Associate Press has reported that state residents should specifically avoid Wegmans’ select sweets, which may contain contaminated nuts from the factory in question. The following products should be avoided: white chocolate bark with pistachio nuts, the large 8-inch raspberry custard tart, the small 3-inch raspberry custard tart, the large 8-inche pineapple almond tart, and the small 3-inch raspberry custard tart.

Salmonella is a dangerous type of food poisoning that can produce serious and even deadly infections — especially in the very young, the very old, and the sick. Earlier this year, there was a salmonella outbreak due to peanuts that also affected those in Maryland and Virginia.